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Metropolitan South Variant of Bilbao

Carlos Estefanía Angulo
Director General of Public Works and Services
Bizkaia Provincial Council.
Chief Executive Officer
INTERBIAK, Bizkaiko Hegoaldeko
Akzesibilitatea, SA

Jorge Alcalde Bezhold
Rafael Rodriguez Fuldain
Enrique R. Gómez Cristóbal

Highway A-8 integrated into the Transeuropean Transport Network, constitutes the main backbone of the road network in the metropolitan area of ​​Bilbao, serving both passing traffic and arrival and inmates. Given the growing congestion problems generated by this confluence of traffic, the Provincial Council of Bizkaia, through its Public Society INTERBIAK, has begun work to implement the South Metropolitan Bypass, a way of 36 km long alternative to a-8 that regulated through license fees, will channel long-haul traffic, providing adequate levels of service, and allow measures of demand management on internal traffic.

The new variant will run in tunnel in 50% of its route, helping to limit the environmental conditions, but carries a high economic cost (1.300 M € for the total of the three phases has been divided acting) and requires the implementation of strict security measures that allow control risks. The commissioning of the first phase is scheduled for the year 2011.

Urban traffic, Urban motorway, South Metropolitan Bypass, Bilbao, Sustainable transport, Demand-side management, Tunnels.

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