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Piedrafita bridges

Angel Dario Martinez Cela
State Highway Demarcation in Galicia
Ministerio de Fomento

Piedrafita works are located in the Spanish northwest between Galicia and Leon. Coexist works almost entirely with European secular pilgrimage route to Santiago in the stretch known as "Puerta de Santiago". Over Piedrafita port it has historically thwarted the Galician development. The motorway is redrawing and features, as more general information with links 10, 42 viaducts, tunnels double 7, 5 overpasses, underpasses 24. Significantly, the magnitude of the works is that the total length of the route of 53.449 m on viaducts run 10.726 m, representing an 20% of the total. This article discusses three of those structures of greater significance and technical importance.

road bridge, Viaduct, Structure, Access to Galicia, motorway.

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