The success of microsurfacing cold MACROSEAL® company ELSAMEX in New Delhi (India)

Alfredo Miranda Prieto
Director of Technology

Jesus Rincon J-Momediano
Director of Technology

The government of New Delhi began in 1999 finding an alternative to hot mix in maintenance and renovation firm that have a high level of surface deterioration, despite retain their structural capacity. The cold set micro emulsion with polymer-modified bituminous presented as a suitable solution for its technical features: zero emissions, high temperature resistance, excellent roughness and sealing capacity; and its efficient application: fast execution with minimal impact on traffic.

ELSAMEX, which has a long experience applying this technique with the trade name MACROSEAL® in Asia, developed appropriate regulation, designed the product using local products as possible and extended teams formed with local staff. After five years, this technique has great prestige, it has been satisfactory recognized by the technical agencies and is beginning to spread through the rest of India.

paving roads, microsurfacing cold bitumen emulsion, Modified emulsion, Environment.

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