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Coordination problems between territorial-urban planning and road networks State, Regional and Local

Josep Belda Llin
Head of the Office of Highway Plan
Department of Infrastructure and Transport Generalitat Valenciana

In the years 80 the creation of the regional administration in Spain is produced, and thus a major transformation of the state. Autonomous assume the full responsibility for planning and territorial planning, and responsibility for roads that previously had the central administration. These changes require greater coordination between territorial-urban planning and infrastructure, and this not only for conceptual reasons (infrastructure are integrated into the territorial system), but also for being the powers from the time spread between different public administrations. This article coordination problems that occur in the practice of territorial management are explained and examples that have been carried out in Valencia of good coordination between the competent authorities in roads and on exposed regional and town planning: the central motorway Alicante - Alcoi in Alicante-Elche metropolitan area and the motorway de la Plana, in the urban area of ​​Castelló.

road planning, Planning, Coordination between authorities, Territorial planning, Valencia, Urban transport.

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