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Bus Rapid Systems: A new metropolitan public transport mode (*)

Carlos Cristobal Pinto
Head of the Studies and Planning
Regional Transport Consortium Madrid

In recent years they are having an enormous development of public transport systems based on trunk corridors for buses. Since the example of Curitiba, followed in several cities in Latin America, and especially after TransMilenio in Bogotá, cities in the developing world have rediscovered the bus. But developed countries have been working in the same direction, are cases of United States, Canada, Australia and France. In Madrid, the proposal submitted by the Ministry of Development in April 2005, together with the policy that is leading the Regional Transport Consortium Madrid with the construction of new interchanges, will allow to define a new transportation system for the metropolitan radial mobility. System must be accompanied by an integrated set of measures that complement the actions of infrastructure package. The article presents an approach to development that have these systems, highlighting the proposal to develop in Madrid.

Buses, Rapid Bus Systems (SAR) Mobility metropolitan, urban transport, Madrid.

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