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The genesis of the Madrid ring (of medieval fences orbital motorways)

Antonio Sánchez López
Head of the Department of Roads

a historical analysis of the circumstances that led to the creation of the Madrid ring roads, paying special attention to the planning of the same is done. The genesis of the first Beltway relates to the layout of near Felipe IV, with the extension of the street Bailen late nineteenth century and the construction of the boulevards in the early twentieth century. The second beltway has its origin in the Draft Extension of Madrid developed by the engineer Carlos Maria de Castro in 1860. In the late nineteenth century Madrid ring is raised by a "linear city", which only you get to build a stretch.

Among 1920 and 1941 intense activity of urban and territorial planning in which the concept of ring roads as a means limit the "extensions", considering orbital paths (Draft Zuazo - Jansen, Besteiro Plan, Bigador Plan) is exceeded develops, which years later would lead to the third and fourth ring, whose plots are terminated to specify in the Study Planning Madrid Arterial Network 1972. Finally, the Preliminary Study "Alternative route of the ring road of Madrid (M-50) and new ways of radial penetration" made in 1993 proposal contains the fifth and sixth belt. The article ends by analyzing the problems posed for the closure of the M-50 in its northwestern arc.

History, Planning, Madrid, Beltway, Planning, Eixample.

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