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Comparison of methods of pavement design roads

Lito Achimastos
Shell Global Project Manager (France)

Laurent Porot
Global consultant firm Shell (France)

Generally each country, due to its own climate, its own means of production and its specific form of reasoning, has developed its own method of sizing firm viarios.A late 50, the AASHO trials conducted in the United States contributed to the implementation of a systematic approach to sizing of road pavements. On the opposite side, in the years 70 the Shell SPDM ( "Shell Pavement Design Method") method was first proposed approximate analytical type. Most methods currently used are based, to a greater or lesser extent, on these two foundations. In the years 90, both have had revisions and / or clarifications to a greater or lesser depth. In the current context, and especially in Europe, participants from other countries are involved in projects of roads and highways. Therefore this article describes the main characteristics of the design methods most currently used; This analysis focuses particularly on French, English methods of AASHTO and Shell, and firm structures bituminous type.

Pavement design, analytical method, empirical method, Firm flexible method English.

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