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Lighting roundabouts, links, causeways and overlapping branches

José Ignacio Urraca Piñeiro
Magpie Ignacio Etayo
Engineers of the City of Zaragoza

Driving in the evening under weak luminances visual performance are very similar to the night vision, with the following characteristics:

• Reduction of visual acuity,

• Diminished contrast differential sensitivity,

• significant alteration in appreciation of distances,

• Limited perception of lateral obstacles, and

• rare and unusual color vision.

The headlights of vehicles with "beam", provide visibility distance of about 50-60 meters, with a level of 0,2-0,3 cd / m2, which is insufficient to ensure safety. When vehicles are used for the low beam high time, it is recommended to provide the road section of road lighting, like roundabouts, links, causeways and overlapping sections, whose illumination is exposed in this article.

Visibility, Security, Glare, close and distant perception, visual acuity, night light glow.

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