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Rheology and Microstructure of polyethylene modified bitumens

Antonio Pérez-Lepe
Francisco Martínez-Boza
Clench Gallegos
Chemical Engineering Department
Faculty of Experimental Sciences
University of Huelva

The main objective of this work is on the one hand, study the compatibility of bitumen with high density polyethylene and quantify the effect it has on the bitumen, and secondly, to study the applicability of a mathematical model to mixtures. With these objectives, there has been a rheological and morphological characterization of modified binders with different amounts of polyethylene. Adding a quantity exceeding 3% polyethylene produced binders charged elastic characteristics with characteristics of resistance to permanent deformation at high temperature. When done mixing bitumen with high density polyethylene in a high shear system, the polymer is swollen by certain components of the bitumen. When the binders are stored at high temperature, a phase separation occurs. From the properties of both phases separately, using the mechanical model Palierne, it is to predict the behavior of mixtures.

Rheology, Morphology, Bitumen, Polyethylene, Palierne.

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