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Multigrade bitumens: an alternative for a sustainable transport network

Milagros Fernandez Cobo
Delegate modified binders

Antonio Garcia Siller
Chief Technical Assistance

Jose Antonio Soto Sánchez
Technical director

Road technology is evolving with the ultimate goal of improving the quality of the asphalt mix through the contribution that it has the binder. In this sense, we can mention the multigrade bitumens, bitumens by a family which is betting on our country since the early 2000. It is expected multigrade bitumen lower thermal susceptibility, low temperatures behavior excellent and good resistance to aging when compared with the equivalent level of a conventional bitumen. It is hoped that the asphalt mixtures with Multigrade bitumens obtained showing very good resistance to plastic deformation, good resistance to fatigue and aging with what would be contributing to a decline and alienation of conservation activities and pavement maintenance. This paper presents the results of the comparative evaluation of the behavior of two conventional bitumens, 40 / 50 and 60 / 70, a modified BM-2 addition multigrade bitumen developed by PROAS type polymer bitumen will be exposed.

multigrade bitumen, Thermal susceptibility, Fatigue, Ageing, Resistance, bituminous binder.

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