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Answers to users-customers of the road opposite the road insecurity

José Mª Pardillo Mayora
Profesor Titular
Department of Civil Engineering. Transportation
ETSI Roads, Channels and Ports
Polytechnic University of Madrid

The road management is increasingly geared towards achieving quality objectives customer service, which is considered as a final customer of road networks. One of the main demands of users is to reduce the accident rate. Consequently, they are developing strategies to achieve sustainable road safety levels that go beyond traditional technical approaches. An important aspect of these strategies is that they try to respond more to the constraints derived from the human factor. Thus, the design of the track is raised to make the interactions between the environment, the path and the user place at the lowest possible level of risk to meet the expectations of the driver. In this context, road safety audits are a tool increasingly used to incorporate approaches not covered by the traditional process of road design and introduce the concept of quality assurance in front of the user-client with regard to safety of roads.

Users, management, quality of service, road safety, human factors, audits.

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