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Differential microcalorimetry, a new tool to better understand the behavior of bitumens

Emile Lopez

Carlos García Serrada
Jesus Arguello Martin
Building and Construction Llorente, SA (COLLOSA)

Jose Antonio Gomez del Valle
Blanca Calvo Cabezon
Department of Condensed Matter Physics, Crystallography and Mineralogy
University of Valladolid

Microcalorimetry (DSC) is a simple, quick technique of preparation as well as getting results. Verification work shown along this article allowed to verify the validity of the data published after more than 25 years of explorations of the field of bitumens and polymer modified bitumen through the use of this tool. Interest is evident with respect to the identification, the presence and assaying the crystallizable phases in bitumens: organized fractions, group in which the paraffins are located.

differential scanning calorimetry, bitumen, modified bitumens, polymers, paraffin.

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