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Concrete pavements little noisy and adherents, a reality that is imposed

Jean-Pierre Christory
Deputy Director
Western Regional Laboratory of Paris (LROP)

The construction of concrete pavement on the major routes of national and international communication is currently very active, especially in countries near the French border north and south, and several international meetings within the road rule have been a good opportunity to meet the progress and development of this technique being promoted within 500 km from Paris.

This article shows how the simultaneous concern of achieving a high level of adhesion to improve safety, and also a smaller level for noise environment must be currently inherent in any major project. Article various technical solutions by concrete alone or in mixed form are described, showing the important development of denuded concrete intermediate solutions with a high proportion of elements of size 4 / 7 mm. The text also shows the constant R & D continues to be very active on this issue, exploring all the possibilities that are potentially favorable to obtain insurance pavements to time and little noisy, including porous concrete bilayer.

Sign rigid, concrete, texture, rolling noise, adherence, two-layer porous concrete, road safety.

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