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Recent experiences in implementing stabilization and soil cement in Extremadura

Fernando Pedrazo Majarrez
Antonio Ruiz-Roso Gomez
Engineers, Channels and Ports
Demarcation of State Highways in Extremadura
Ministerio de Fomento

The use of layers of cement-treated materials has been carried out in the works of the Demarcation of State Highways in Extremadura very parallel to its introduction and development by the technical regulations. In the early years 90, several sections of the highway of Extremadura (Southwest today) incorporated into its package of soil cement subbases firm. The most noticeable difference is seen compared to current works is that the esplanade was not stabilized nor the layers of soil cement is prefisuraban. The mechanical means in executing the soil cement were different from today, taking advantage of concrete pavers. The cement used corresponded to Type V, RC-88, and sought the materials were selected or continuous sifting.

The aim of this article focuses on the exhibition of recent work execution layers of materials treated with cement in the construction of several sections of the highway de la Plata, including Puerto de Béjar-Aldeanueva Canaveral-Hinojal , Hinojal-Cáceres, Caceres Alternative, Aljucén Merida, Zafra-Fuente de Cantos, Alternative Fuente de Cantos, among others.

stabilized base, soil cement, stabilization, precracking, cement stabilized soil.

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