sustainable road maintenance

Raquel Prieto Malillos
Head of Operations

Francisco Javier Payan de Tejada Gonzalez
Head of Conservation and Exploitation of Valladolid
Demarcation of State Highways in Western Castilla y León
Ministerio de Fomento

Road maintenance is an activity, permanent in time, which is aimed at maintaining the functionality, security, environmental conditions and the equity value of the same. It is developed through the implementation of various operations that are acted on infrastructure and other elements of the road to achieving these objectives. Each operation can affect the environment in terms of the elements that compose it.

Currently, the state road maintenance is done through contractors through "service contracts integrated conservation" including the execution of all operations. Most of the companies contracted are available to the certificate of compliance with the ISO 14001 standard, which certifies that have an environmental management system (EMS) according to the specifications of that standard. However, in practice, the environmental management system implemented by companies is reduced to strict compliance with environmental regulations and waste management, either self-generated or produced by the highway, not including consideration of best practices environmental involving the use of procedures least affecting the environment for carrying out each of the operations (use of means, materials, energy, etc. greener). The aim of this article is to identify those aspects of conservation that good environmental practices can be applied to achieve a more integrated conservation within the framework of sustainable development roads. All this by examining the practices currently being undertaken and the evaluation of the possibility of incorporating new methods and techniques, both labor and management, less negatively affecting the environment.

Conservation, environment, sustainable development, environmental management, winter maintenance, waste

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