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The indirect tensile strength as a criterion for acceptance and rejection of hot mix asphalt

Jorge Ortiz Ripio
Ingeniero de Caminos, Canales y Puertos
Sorigué, SA

The use of the measure of the resistance witnesses Indirect asphalt mixture as a criterion for acceptance and rejection of the finished layer Traction is based on various assumptions that are intended analyzed in this article. First, the scope of correlations between indirect tensile strength and Resilient Modulus on which is based the specification is discussed. Here are some impediments to consider the value of the module as a quality indicator and, therefore, to infer from it the acceptance thresholds, penalty or rejection of the mixture are exposed. The difficulty to relate indirect tensile strength with any inherent property of tested material leads to question the suitability of the specified absolute values, as well as the consistency of such requirement in the current regulatory framework. Finally, we review some of the options to increase indirect tensile strength of bituminous mixtures, which mostly agree, however, the quality of the finished product.

indirect traction, diametral compression, Resilient modulus, Specifications, Bituminous mixes, samples, witnesses

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