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Restoration in route. A part of the landscape of our stations and highways

Miguel Martínez Novo
Service Areas

In recent years the catering sector has been intense transformations in our country, produced partly as a result of the changes that have occurred in consumption patterns, and increasing the average income of the Spanish population. The subsector of restoration work related to transportation, following this trail, has also changed profoundly, and still currently doing. Within the world of transport article focuses on the restoration route, and also the restoration of the bus stations. Service areas, convenience stores, even small shopping centers are gradually replacing or complementing classic highway bars.

On the other hand it is taking the entry of large companies in the sector, some foreign capital and experienced in their countries, riding establishments chains are taking over from the classic family establishments. The first part of the text makes a brief description of the current situation of this sector, later moving to an analysis of the SWOT type, ie, taking into account the weaknesses, threats, strengths and opportunities of a business like this. Then the paper describes the situation and restore features offered in the service areas, paying special attention to the type of customer, the price, its shortcomings, etc. Finally, the article ends up doing a similar analysis of the offered options at service stations.

Restoration Service Area, Bus, Bus station

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