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Pavement with a reduced level of surface noise and high adherence: summary of the French experience

Yves Brosseaud
engineer ENSAIS
Research Manager
Laboratoire Central des Ponts et Chaussées
Center Nantes (France)

Fabianne Anfosso-Ledée
Doctor Engineer TPE
Laboratoire Central des Ponts et Chaussées
Center Nantes (France)

Noise is a major inconvenience that has to support the population, especially in large urban agglomerations. As a result of the swift and growing urban and development of urban road infrastructure urbanization, roads engineers have carried out for over 20 years, several investigations with the aim of reducing noise rolling tire-pavement, which is the main sound source from the vehicle speed exceeds 50 km / h.

Administration (jointly the LCPC and the network of road laboratories) has conducted several investigations into methods for measuring noise in order to evaluate the sound characteristics of different materials, and understand in greater depth the mechanisms involved in this phenomenon. Companies, meanwhile, have developed and point to novel products in order to reduce the noise. This research, conducted in collaboration-management companies have finally allowed to classify ( "rank") large pavement families according to the rolling noise produced by them.

After a description of the methods of measurement noise and a detailed presentation of the database "noise", examining the main factors influencing this phenomenon, the two families of pavements which limit the rolling noise are described: the draining bituminous mixtures and mixtures thin layer of reduced granularity.

Road noise, Urban application, Adhesion, Draining Mix, Mix thin layer microsurfacing.

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