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New systemic culture of road safety: Towards social control traffic

Juan de Dios Izquierdo
Professor of Sociology at the UNED

Ruben Dario Torres Kumbrián
Professor of Social Theory UCLM

Each year, a large number of people have accidents on European roads. The consequences for twenty five member states have different dimensions. The direct and indirect costs are 200.000 million euros or almost 2% of GDP. 43.000 people die each year, and thousands more are injured.

Our country has a privileged place in this tragic statistic, but other countries such as the UK have shown that unsafe roads can be controlled through a systematic policies. What is the reason why some countries have high levels of accidents and other high levels of road safety? Spain suffers a 200.000 accidents a year that cause deaths and injuries. Spain must build a new road culture through Social Traffic Control and a State Pact.

New road culture, social control, state Pact road safety, systematic Policies, Traffic, Road safety.

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