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Regeneration of aged bitumen used agglomerates, an economic and ecological bet (I)

Emile Lopez

Carlos García Serrada
Jesus Thomas Martin Arguello
Building and Construction Llorente, SA (COLLOSA)

Blanca Calvo pigheaded
Department of Condensed Matter Physics, Crystallography and Mineralogy
University of Valladolid

a new technology, the FENIXFALT® which regenerates any aged an agglomerate used by recycling hot bitumen is presented. The process produces the chemical reduction of oxidized components integrating the new reconstituted medium, creating an elastic matrix and adjusting the final rheology to the desired level. The technology is applicable to all types of aged bitumen and leads to new binders of normal or modified characteristics.

Also in this work, shown as new application the possibility of obtaining modified directly into asphalt mixers during manufacture of the agglomerates plants bitumens. The use of this new technology allows the use of higher recycling rates to be able to treat in production plants agglomerates. In addition to the use of granulated additives, a technology that responds simple and comprehensive to the problem of reducing the consumption of new bitumen recovery and so is completed.

Bitumens, regeneration, chemical process, recycling, modified bitumens, milled.

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