The hot mix asphalt in France. Formulation and current overview of the techniques used

Yves Brosseaud
engineer ENSAIS
Director of Research
Laboratoire Central des Ponts et Chaussées
Nantes (France)

This article summarizes the method of preparation of hot mix asphalt, which applies in France for twenty years. Characterization tests, conducted in the laboratory, are included in the European standards come into force in 2007, by the method known by performance or behavior-based. a justification of this method, based on the accuracy of the tests, on their selection and in their relevance, assessed by a study of the properties obtained in the laboratory and those determined in the works executed following the established requirements are included.

the main types of asphalt mixes used in base layers and surface layers are also described in summary form. its main features, an assessment of their behavior in service and, above all, the domain of employment, to develop its use in countries other than the French are presented, taking into account their specificities and precautions for use.

Bituminous mixture, formulation, gravel bitumen, a mixture of high modulus, closed mixed, microsurfacing, Draining mixture, microsurfacing cold surface treatment.

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