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Bridge over the river Deba, in the Vitoria / Gasteiz Highway - Eibar

Jose Antonio Llombart
Ingeniero de Caminos
Engineering and Project Study (EIPSA)

Jordi Revoltós
Ingeniero de Caminos
Engineering and Project Study (EIPSA)

The bridge over the river Deba, recently built, is characterized by the uniqueness of its forms, especially by the existence of a concrete deck provided with a prestressing protruding from the edge of the section in the manner of a powerful bracing located in a small space close to the batteries. The structural design of the set responds to the need to solve a strict clearance problem imposed by the special conditions plotting on a bridge whose board runs in a curve over a railroad, the river Deba and a road, while offering an attractive appearance It allows you to integrate into the surrounding landscape, without highlighting in height compared to other bridges belonging to Link Málzaga. In this article we describe the main characteristics of the work performed, preceded by some considerations concerning the design of bridges with prestressed extradosed.

Prestressing extradosed, pilono, gauge.

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