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Roads, habitat and biodiversity

Miguel Delibes de Castro
Doñana Biological Station
Center for Scientific Research (CSIC)

The decision to build a road, and the way to do it, you have to depend on the extent to which the benefits of such road compensate the condition that occurs with it. The benefits are well known in general (arrive before a certain destination, reduce the danger, or transport in less time with less cost resources, etc.) and can be quantified economically, but the conditions and mode of known value them much worse .

 This complicates decision-making, since values ​​measured in different ways are contrasted. But, even if a positive decision is finally made, in all cases the pernicious effects should be minimized. Consequently, both when deciding the construction and when building a road is important: the perception of the value of biodiversity, the acceptance of a relationship between changes in habitat and biodiversity loss, and knowledge of the mechanisms that make this effect of habitat changes on biodiversity possible. In this article a small space is dedicated to all these questions.

Biodiversity, Habitat, Ecosystems, Pollution, Barrier effect, Atropello.

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