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territorial connectivity. Horizontal landscape processes and interference of human transportation

Francisco Diaz Pineda
Mary F. Schmitz
Itziar of Aranzábal
M. Carmen Alvarez
Department of Ecology
Complutense University of Madrid

In a recently developed project the authors formalize a set of phenomena defining territorial ecological connectivity. The study is a test that provides a general procedure applicable action ( "know how") at scales of certain detail to describe the connectivity and keep interference to terrestrial network of roads.

The ecological fabric of the territory described through three components: relevant physical phenomena of the hydrological cycle, ecological processes associated with asymmetrical boundaries and mobility of fauna. We analyzed the interference in the plot of the transport infrastructure network, time providing cartographic information. The study allows to know the importance of the impact of each component of the network connectivity conservation. It also provides guidance to establish guidelines of "good practices" in the development of land transport and makes some consideration in the legal field.

territorial connectivity, Nature conservation, Corridors, physical and biological flows, Asymmetrical ecological boundaries, plots interference ecological space-transport infrastructure, territorial planning.

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