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semi-flexible HMA as an alternative to cold techniques for low traffic roads

Carlos Garcia serrated
Head of R & D + i

Jesus Thomas Arguello Martin
Laboratory technician

Building and Construction Llorente, SA (Collosa)

Abandoning cold techniques for repairing roads under traffic is assuming a serious problem for the government because the repair firm being carried out with conventional hot mix, too rigid to place on certain roads with little capacity bearing in its structure. As a result, it is producing a premature cracking of the surface layers, which start to be subject to additional efforts unable to accompany the natural movement of the underlying layers. The Community of Castilla y León has many kilometers in Autonomic Network of Roads her with low traffic (below T-3) and low bearing capacity in its structure. In recent years, due to abandonment by companies and administrations to tackle the cold treatments for this type of road, there have been revivals of firm with hot mix asphalt conventional type, which has led to the emergence of aged firm in a few years. This problem has led to seek alternatives to conventional replacement firm with hot mix asphalt, from the Ministry of Public Works.

This article describes the work carried out since the lab COLLOSA to search a mixture, made hot, be more flexible than conventional mixtures behavior occurs. For it has changed the spindle granulometric mixtures and the type of bitumen to be used in its manufacture. the results obtained in the laboratory of the study and the results of running a test section in the province of Valladolid where this alternative semi-flexible mixture was used are presented.

Bituminous mixture, mixing semi-flexible, low traffic, hot chipboard, chipboard cold.

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