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Evaluation and optimization of the esplanades

Carlos Kraemer Heilperno
Professor of Roads and Airports
Polytechnic University of Valencia

They evaluated and optimized for road foundations proposed in Standard 6.1 IC (2003). After assigning the different natural soils and stabilized a deformation moduli, compressibility EV2 modules of different sections are estimated using an analytical calculation with AlizéWin program (version 1.02 - 2002).

For each category of concourses, the considered equivalent and are formed by different materials of different thickness are compared. new sections tighter or not considered, so can choose among them are also proposed, taking account of available floors. This study may help choosing a more economical solution, sufficient bearing capacity. This paper presented the Pavement VII National Congress (Avila, 2006) summarizes the Thesis Project by Mestre Vicente at the Polytechnic University of Valencia, under the direction of Professor Kraemer.

Esplanade, foundation, bearing capacity, compressibility modules, analytical calculation.

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