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Implementation of quality indicators in highway concessions in Spain

Cristina Delgado Quiralte

José Manuel Vasallo
Professor of Transport Economics

Antonio Sanchez Soliño
Professor of Economics
Higher Technical School of Roads, Channels and Ports
Polytechnic University of Madrid

Today, there are already numerous experiences of applying quality indicators in highway concessions in Spain. These experiences from both the central government and regional governments and local authorities. In general it is found that there is a strong alignment quality indicators used by some other administrations. Indicators that these administrations used most often are: indicators linked to road accidents, indicators related to the capacity and service level of the road, and indicators related to pavement condition (basically IRI and CRT). In some cases indicators have been introduced related to users' feedback, if it is true that, although defined in some specifications, so far no sufficient experience in their practical application. They are also newly implemented social indicators, which remunerate the concessionaire based on the percentage fixed and female employment during construction and operation. This article analyzes the indicators used in the concessions tendered since 2001 and assesses the effectiveness of the mechanisms of reducing the term or fee to pay the concessionaire based on these indicators.

Indicator, quality, shadow toll, granting infrastructure financing.

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