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Relevance of ductility specifications polymer modified bitumen

Willem Vonk
Jan Korenstra
Polymers Research BV

Often it has been shown that the results obtained by most tests (a) empirical standard employed in the bitumen industry are not necessarily relevant for behavior of polymer modified bitumen. However, these tests are still used fairly frequently outside the United States and are more valued as supplements quality control as predictors of behavior. However, there is also empirical evidence that provide erroneous information and should not be used at all. One is the ductility test. Originally, this test was developed to demonstrate the good properties of fluidity and / or homogeneity of the bitumen, but when modified bitumen with polymers, the nature of the test may change completely. This test shows what effects certain polymers have on the simple and more extensive in the ductility test results and argues why the test results can easily lead to misinterpretation.

Bitumen, polymer modified bitumen, Ductility, Empirical test, Bituminous binder, asphalt mix.

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