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Mixtures at low energy and low temperature EBE® EBT®

François Olard
Director of Research and Development
Eiffage Travaux Publics

Claude Le Noan
Director of Materials
Eiffage Travaux Publics

Alain Romier
Chairman and CEO
President LEA-CO

Lucia Miranda
Director of R + D + i
Eiffage Infrastructure

This article describes the experience demonstrated in France on the manufacture and laying of two types of mixtures named as stated: EBE® (mixture at low energy) and EBT® (mixture at low temperature), registered in Spain as MBT® ( temperate) bituminous mixtures for marketing by the Panasfalto, Asfaltos of Madrid and Rus companies that are part of the Group Eiffage Infraestructuras. The special feature of such mixtures lies primarily in that they are made at a temperature of 95 ° C and a later start work at 70-90 ° C which reduces energy consumption during manufacture, between 40-50%, and a decrease in the emission of greenhouse gases in the same order. Further included in this article results of tests performed on formulations applying these new techniques, and comparing the data for the same formulation made according to the traditional way of hot mix.

Bituminous mixture, mixing at low energy, low-temperature mixture, warm asphalt mix, Environmental improvement, Greenhouse Gas.

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