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Bituminous emulsions: world market and technical trends in cold.

Jose Antonio Soto
President ATEB *
Technical director

Jesus Rincon
Secretary of ATEB *
Director of Technology
Research Center Elpidio Sanchez Marcos (CIESM)

(*) Technical Association of Bitumen Emulsions


The main objective of this document is to show productions, evolution and market trends of the bitumen emulsion in the world in recent years. Although in Spain the market for bitumen emulsion is holding steady in recent years, as is the case in most developed countries, it can be seen that worldwide consumption is increasing gradually. Due mainly to:

• Appearance in the market not only of new emulsions and systems, thermoadhesive emulsions, warm mixes, etc. new machinery but also both manufacturing and application.

• Market entry of new countries, as in the case of China and Russia.

The existence of obsolete specifications and test standards or lack of them in many developing countries are one of the brakes it difficult consumption and use of this technology in those countries. There is a great effort, especially from private companies and associations, research for the technology of the emulsion remains "alive" and to publicize the advantages of the application of emulsions.

bitumen emulsion, Technology, Bitumen, Market, Development.

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