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Cold in situ recycling with emulsion. Overview of the technical

José Luis Peña Ruiz
Chief Technical Assistance Materials
(Probisa Technology and Construction SA)

David Almazán Cruzado
Chief Technical Assistance Firm
(Probisa Technology and Construction SA)

It has been about more than a decade since the first experiments in situ recycling with emulsion on Spanish roads. The road has been very important, but if I had to realize what the current situation, we could say that we are still in a learning phase.

Logically, the technique has evolved as works have been executed and verified their behavior in the same, introducing improvements in the formulation and implementation procedures and control work. All this is leading to an increasing use of this technique and allowing the road world collaborate in an unequivocal way to sustainable growth of our society.

In this communication the evolution of recycling "in situ" will be treated with emulsion asphalt mixes, from the beginning of the nineties until today, recapitulating the strengths and weaknesses of this technology.

Recycling, Pavement, Emulsion, Cold Technique, Environment.

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