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Low emission systems

Jose A. Soto Sanchez
Technical Director PROAS

Ramon Thomas Raz
Director Research Center
Elpidio Sanchez Marcos

The most important challenge that we face in the twenty-first century is to maintain and if possible improve the health of the planet and its inhabitants.

Corresponds to all organizations of producers or consumers, of any kind, try in their negotiated rates of emissions will be reduced, but eliminated, within limits such that the phrase "Sustainable Development" has not been a simple "pose ".

In the article we will enumerate the different techniques in the paving of roads that produce fewer emissions, both with regard to the materials used, manufacturing systems, application. etc.

We will see techniques where the binder used is a bituminous emulsion, the lowest emission, the foam bitumen, bitumen viscosity low or semi-hot mixtures temperate emulsion techniques for draining and to 100% recycled mixtures plan.

Bitumen, Bituminous emulsion, Bituminous mixture, Foam bitumen, semi-hot mixtures, warm mixes, Low emissions.

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