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Innovations in binders


Alberto Bardesi
Responsible for Asfaltos
REPSOL YPF Lubricants and Specialties, SA
Ignacio Pérez
CEPSA Research Technician-PROAS

Within the field of bituminous binders innovations being made in recent years could fit in the pursuit of two key objectives. On the one hand, improving their properties to achieve high performance products that help improve the performance of the firm. In this field we can find products such as high performance modified bitumens, multigrade bitumens, the thermoadhesive emulsions and emulsions of high penetrating power.

A second objective would be to develop techniques to help answer some of the concerns that exist in our society, such as preserving the environment, improving working conditions, etc. In this line we can find binders that allow design blends with low manufacturing temperature, the use of modified bitumens rubber powder from used tires and the use of other products friendlier to the environment.

Modified bitumen, multigrade, thermoadhesive Emulsions, Emulsions high power
penetration, temperate Mixtures, semi-hot mixes, Rubber, tire out of use NFU.

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Goya, 23 - 4º Right.
28001 - MADRID (Spain)
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