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Mixing with foamed bitumen

Research Center EUROVIA (France)

Research Center EUROVIA (France)

Technical and Promotion EUROVIA (France)



The site of bituminous materials with recycled foam bitumen is a particularly attractive technology owing to the simplicity of execution on site. So it was assigned a specific task in the SCORE project whose overall objective was to study how to improve the properties of recycled acting on the characteristics of the foam.

The work shows that it is not possible to demonstrate a clear relationship between the usual characteristics of the foam bitumen (expansion rate, lifetime) and the final properties of mixtures with foam (gravel-foam). Consequently, the optimization of a foam mixture can not be done in two stages (maximum utilization of the foam and then mechanical results of the mixture) but must be the result of a global process.

Moreover, it seems very clear that the mechanical properties of materials made with foam bitumen will be essentially tax nature of the aggregates as well as the origin of the bitumen. We must remember, however, that these observations were made in the case of the gravel-foam (with virgin aggregates) and that these factors are likely to have far less impact in the case of bituminous millings. The addition of hydrated lime or cement also seems to be the safest of improving the mechanical results and the conserved strength of mixtures with medium foam.

Finally, SCORE work showed that can not be retained foamability test the glass tube because it is too distant from the actual conditions of foam manufacture. It is necessary therefore to use a more representative laboratory miniplant, and automatic tracking device foam volume tuned by Nynas constitutes a considerable aid to perform such assays.

Recycling, Cold recycling, Foam bitumen, bituminous binder, SCORE, Grava foam.

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