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SCORE project Final Balance

Juan José Potti
ASEFMA Manager (Spanish Association of Manufacturers of Asphalt Mixture) and
SCORE Project Coordinator (Technical Director during the project Probisa)

Despite the important measures proposed by the European Commission, will increase spending in R & D to reach the 3% of gross domestic product in the year 2010, to promote the development of R & D in Europe, the current situation it is not good when compared to the US or Japan. The Framework Programme of the Commission today is the 3,7% of the total budget of the European Commission. Although the document handled by the Commission specifies concrete figures yet, experts are betting on an expense 9.000 million euros annually for the VII Framework Programme.

R & D is the linchpin of economic growth and improving European competitiveness. Doubling the annual R & D compared to 6º Framework Programme, as proposed by Research Commissioner Janez Potocnik, would increase exports to 0,64% in 2030 and reduce imports by 0,3%.

European family photo in terms of investment in R & D is not particularly lucky. When the focus is on the construction sector and more specifically in the construction and maintenance of roads the situation is substantially worse.

There are few references in the present European road sector companies that have resources and tradition in research, development and innovation (R + D + i). To correct this situation, more or less all European countries try to stimulate these initiatives with various solutions.

This article will end balance of a project that has been developed over the 5º Framework Programme and funded by the European Commission. The SCORE project.

The ultimate goal of the project SCORE ( has been deeper understanding of bituminous mixes recycled cold, and get optimize the technique. Thus an attractive option for managers of conservation networks would enable European roads. The optimization process covers conventional recycling techniques with emulsion, and the development of innovative processes by using foam bitumen and micronised emulsions (or nanoemulsions).

The project proposes a systematic approach covering all stages from the characterization of the component materials to the laying of the final mix and valuation cost / benefit from technically, economically and environmentally.

Recycling, emulsion, nanoemulsion, recycling cold foam bitumen, bituminous binder, SCORE.

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