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Bitumen nanoemulsions and their interest for cold recycling of bituminous mixtures

Didier Lesueur
Technical director. Probisa (Spain)

Laetitia Herrero
Nuria Uguet
Javier Hurtado

Researchers. Emulsions Polo Eurovia (France)

José Luis Peña
FENIX Project Technical Coordinator
Responsible for technical assistance during the project Probisa (Spain)

Juan José Potti
ASEFMA Manager (Spanish Association of Manufacturers of Asphalt Mixture) and
SCORE Project Coordinator (Technical Director during the project Probisa) (Spain)

Jean Walter
Ian Lancaster
Investigation and development. Nynas (UK)

A cold recycling in-situ is formulated so that a quick cohesion is achieved just after the laying, thus allowing the firm has sufficient mechanical properties to withstand traffic soon. At present, this result can be achieved using as formulas, using for example a breaking additive as cement. One way of improvement could be the use of submicronic bituminous emulsions as they allow full control of the morphology of the emulsion.

In this article, the work carried out during the project SCORE submicron manufacturing bituminous emulsions are presented. They are bitumen emulsions with mean diameter below the micron and is referred to as "micronized emulsions" bitumen or "nanoemulsions" (binder called "micro-emulsion" on other occasions, although this name has been finally abandoned when used in other technological fields , for different formulations).

First, the process used to manufacture these nanoemulsions described. This technology enables the manufacture of bitumen emulsions as with a totally controlled particle size. Then his interest for cold recycling described. The results show improved resistance conserved in line with the initial expectations. The module also increases short term, showing improved cohesion making.

This confirms the interest of this new technology, especially for cold recycling.

Emulsion, micronized emulsion submicron emulsion, nanoemulsion, particle diameter,
Cold recycling, SCORE Project.

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