Programme for sustainable conservation of road infrastructure

Degree in Environmental Sciences
Asociación Española de la Carretera (AEC)

Enrique Miralles OLIVAR
Ingeniero de Caminos
Director Technical Spanish Road Association (AEC)

The total length of the Spanish road infrastructure is approximately 670.000 km (IRF, 2005) also has been evaluated that about 6500 km² of Spanish territory are occupied by roads paths and its associated elements, such as cuttings, embankments and intersections(8). This gives us an idea of ​​the volume of work involved in its upkeep and maintenance.

One of the outstanding issues on conservation is its relationship with the environment. Some operations covering conservation can generate negative impacts but are done properly. Thus, the Spanish Road Association, aware of the intrinsic value and added the environment has developed the project called "Sustainable conservation roads" in order to establish a pattern of behavior that ensure environmentally sound modes of action.

Biodiversity, Sustainable conservation, Awareness, street Conservation, Environment, Maintenance, Waste

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