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Environmental effects of speed control heavy traffic on the network (a) State Highway

Chief of auscultation monitoring and Pavements
Ministerio de Fomento

The aim of the study was to analyze whether the legal maximum speeds of heavy vehicles and the actual circulation correspond to a reduction strategy Greenhouse Effect Gases (GHG) emissions by heavy vehicles. The available data limited the study and therefore the conclusions, the State Highway Network (RCE) toll free.

If heavy vehicles circulated to the maximum legal speed roads RCE, its emissions would be reduced CO2 between 1 2,5% and% from its current average speed of movement. The movement of heavy vehicles at a speed 10 km / h lower than the current legal rate, reduce its emission of CO2 in 556,0 thousand t / year but would increase atmospheric pollutants in amounts (in thousands of tonnes / year): 2,5 CO; 9,3 NOx; 1,5 0,7 VOC and PM.

Greenhouse gas (GHG), Heavy vehicle, Atmospheric pollutant, Speed, Transport, Freight transport

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