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electronic solutions to improve road safety in two-way roads

Electronics Division Manager and Road Traffic
Signs Ayllon (Ayllon Power Led Madrid)

The technology of this project proposes that through intelligent server, equipped with wireless communication module and within a local network with several suitable devices located all in the area or stretch of risk, were available level of intelligence and superior decision the current ones. An essential part of such devices would be a weather station with appropriate smart sensors, spread across the ground. This would allow in 2-3 minutes show full drivers in adverse weather conditions,
the correct information.

The project requires innovate and develop a sensing system of detection probes humidity and temperature more effectively than the current road and give it new generation of optical sensors for precise measurement of visibility conditions and road surface.

Weather stations in which they will work and try to tune in the development of this project must be able not only to warn of the existence of adverse conditions but has to predict and to anticipate, albeit brief minutes, radical and sudden phenomena (hail, cold drop, torrential rains) increasingly frequent with climate change.

At the same time, the weather information of the area, through satellites, combined with the GPS coordinates, sensors own weather station, will allow in terms of probability thresholds, increase the certainty of occurrence of the very local forecasts integrating these phenomena in broader weather predictions.

Within the intelligent server local wireless network, we locate an expert system with all stages inherent pattern recognition and dual functionality of weather patterns and traffic. The expert system is the set of decision-making system with ability to define the timing and content of messages and pictograms that appear in the PMV or graphic displays high resolution and on simultaneous side actions related to traffic safety.

Smart Sensor, Weather Station, Variable Message Panel PMV, Road safety, Traffic, high resolution panel.

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