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Managing sustainability in the construction, maintenance and rehabilitation of road pavements.

Jorge Ortiz Ripoll
Ingeniero de Caminos, Canales y Puertos
Director General of Pabasa and EUROASFALT

Cristina Moncunill Farré
Degree in Environmental Sciences (a)
Director of Quality, Safety and Environment Pabasa and EUROASFALT

Activities related to the construction, maintenance and rehabilitation of road pavements cause environmental impacts of varying severity. Seen from the perspective of sustainability, emissions of greenhouse gases are, if doubt the most far-reaching, which must be addressed with all priority.

By methodology called Life Cycle Analysis available alternatives in materials, techniques, or construction procedures they can be compared properly. Include the full environmental impacts, ie also those caused by secondary or further away from the main foci production system leads to results that can oppose our first intuitions.

We try to illustrate the relevance of this analysis by comparing various alternatives for constructing road esplanades and firm and rehabilitation of different solutions considered when the firm reaches the end of its useful life.

environmental impacts, life-cycle assessment, stabilization, recycling, emissions, greenhouse Gas, Kyoto Protocol.

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