Planning and implementation of Sustainable Safety in the Netherlands

Fred Wegman
Institute of Road Safety Research (SWOV)

Letty Aarts
Leidschendam (Netherlands)

Charlotte Bax

Since the beginning of the decade of the 90, Holland has been developing a concept of sustainable road safety to tackle the risks inherent mobility. After the introduction of the concept of sustainable security in 1992, a number of steps were taken to implement measures in line with the Dutch concept. The most important step was probably the Introduction Programme Sustainable Safety, an agreement with 24 agreements at three different levels of government: national, regional and local.

This agreement prompted, in particular, the implementation of sustainable safe roads (mainly in residential areas and secondary rural roads). A decade later, implementation was evaluated for possible necessary adjustments for the future.

In this article the experiences, assessment and ideas concerning the implementation of the concept of Sustainable Safety in the Netherlands are described.

Road safety, Accident rate, Sustainability, Sustainable safety, Traffic.

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