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Security systems: ventilation, filtering and extinction

King Ignacio
School of Industrial Engineers (ETSII)

Enrique Alarcon
Polytechnic University of Madrid

The design, construction and operation of tunnels Street 30, urban roads most important ring of the city of Madrid, has been a major challenge for many characteristic factors among which include geometric constraints, the environment of the road and traffic composition. This has been reflected in the fact that as soon as placed in service, infrastructure has become an international reference.

In the area of ​​security, based on a comprehensive approach that includes a set of measures available, we have used the latest technology available by applying, in turn, work procedures and methodologies. In particular, it has been especially remarkable persistence in maintaining the definition of criteria consistent and coherent project that would allow exploiting the complex network of tunnels as a single infrastructure, as the main objective.

In the case of the ventilation system to meet these goals it has made an enormous effort to coordinate and harmonize criteria which, together with the use of new technologies, has been an exciting challenge. As a result, this article, based on the exposure of the criteria associated with conceptual solution, delves into those aspects which by their novelty, are considered of interest to the reader.

PKEY ALABRAS: Tunnel, Urban tunnel, Environment, Ventilation, Safety, Accident, M-30, Fire, Extinction, Madrid.

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