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Tunnels with walls screen

Director General
Geotechnical and Foundations, SA (GEOCISA)

Head of Unit of the Technical Area
Geotechnical and Foundations, SA (GEOCISA)

False tunnel excavation wall-protected screen has a very significant participation by the uniqueness of the problems it solves, either in main and final (tunnels, stations, transitions, connections, etc.) parts; or temporary necessary at some stage of the works (wells mine attack or TBM, etc.).

These construction systems, known as "Milanese" or "cut and cover" method involves the excavation of an enclosure under previously built vertical walls, which then re-coated to obtain similar to the starting conditions.

Within the reform plan and management of the M-30, the underground tunnel with screens of the Manzanares River and the A-5, 13 understood about km in total length. In the text they are discussed generally and summarized: the standard sections and their main units; the conditions, advantages and disadvantages of this construction system; the terrain and groundwater; machinery and excavation yields and large numbers of screens; the calculation methods and assumptions; and finally, execution and controls the behavior of the tunnels themselves and their influence on the environment.

The works were divided into five sections, four for the river area and one for the Avenida de Portugal between Paseo de Extremadura and the M-30 own.

KEYWORDS: M-30, Tunnel, Wall-screen Milanese method, False tunnel Grapple, Hydromill, Pilotadota

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