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Burying of the Avenida de Portugal

Head of the Department of Peripheral Sewer
Canal de Isabel II
(Director of Works of Madrid Calle 30 during the execution of the work)

The Burying of the Avenida de Portugal between Paseo de Extremadura and the M-30, ran into the actions carried out in the remodeling of the ring road, M-30.

The main work consisted in a false double tunnel 1,3 km and four lanes in each direction, made by screens, crowned by a reinforced concrete slab and an intermediate bracing slab was used to carry out an underground parking. The tunnels have been equipped with all kinds of facilities security and control, why has been listed by Eurotap as one of the safest in Europe.

These systems are monitored from the control center Tunnel M-30, but taking advantage of the parking slab have been built in the same technical rooms that house the controls in place, for most of them.

PKEY ALABRAS: Tunnel, Urban tunnel, False tunnel, M-30, Ring, Screen, Security tunnels.

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