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The South By-pass M-30

Civil Engineer, Channels and Ports.
Project manager and work of the Southern By-pass M-30

The by-pass south of the M-30 it is a response to the need to create an alternative route to the east-west movements that occur on the south perimeter of the central zone of Madrid.

The high intensity of traffic that supports the South Knot M-30 (about 250.000 vehicles / day) made it convenient to build a "shortcut" for these movements to serve simultaneously to segregate these movements access to South city ​​(a-4 and Avenida de Andalucia).

so the idea of ​​building a one-way "twin" tunnels large capacity with access only at its ends, which roam the southern arc of the city and whose construction can be done in record time (less than 30 months) with high-performance machinery is born with the highest degree of safety (both in its construction and during service), and the minimum degree of affection to the city.

PKEY ALABRAS: Tunnel, Ring, Knot, TBM, Traffic Congestion, South By-pass M-30.

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