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general approach of the project. A technical and management challenge

Manuel Arnaiz ROUND
General Coordinator of Special Projects
City of Madrid

The Madrid City Council rushed into the 2004-2007 stage Reform Plan and Management of the M-30, the infrastructure work that has given the capital of Spain a new face, particularly in the environment of the Manzanares River and the Avenida de Portugal, where the asphalt pavement gives way to the tree, pedestrian, cyclist and even the beach.

Factors such as the complexity of the preliminary studies, the laborious administrative processing of projects, the implementation of pioneering construction techniques in the execution of over 50 new kilometers of tunnel, the need for the works in the shortest possible time to minimize the impact on the urban environment and reduce the inevitable discomfort that some works of this magnitude lead to drivers and neighbors, have made the city of Madrid in a world leader in large infrastructure projects.

PKEY ALABRAS: Madrid, M-30, Urban Road, Beltway, Financial model, Technology, Tunnels, Tunnelling machine, Mobility, Environment.

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