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Positive environmental criteria in road planning: the case of PIC Alava

Superior Technical Environment - Provincial Council of Alava

SPANISH Ignacio Echaniz
Professor of Landscape and Environmental Assessment - Technical University of Madrid

This article describes the process of the Comprehensive Plan Review Highway Álava (PICA) as part of the procedure for Strategic Environmental Assessment (hereinafter SEA) is presented. This interesting experience has resulted in the positive incorporation of environmental planning process road in an area of ​​special environmental and landscape quality criteria.

The text begins with a consideration of the current legal framework regarding the Joint Environmental Impact Evaluation (ECIA) which is known as the SEA in the Basque Country. the unique natural value of Alava, which runs the network of roads under PICA also exposed, scoring some of the aspects that guided the process of EAE of this Plan as the development of an environmental diagnosis of the road network, the proposed measures of environmental improvement of the network, both initiative of the Department of Public Works and Transport, which assumed the environmental goals as an objective improvement over road plan.

Finally, the conditions of an environmental nature that were established for action projects in the fragile Roads area in which these actions are located are exposed. This system of environmental conditional resulted from the collaboration of the Departments of Public Works and Transport and Environment of Álava.

KEYWORDS: Environment, Environmental Assessment, Strategic Environmental Assessment (EAC), Planning, Landscape, Impact, Road plan.

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