Bitumen nanoemulsions

Technical Director - Probisa, Technology and Construction

Nuria Canal Uguet
Senior vice president of Probisa Hot Mixes, Technology and Construction

Javier Hurtado Aznar
Laboratory Technician - Probisa, Technology and Construction

Laetitia blacksmith
Technical Assistant - Midwest Eurovia (France)

This article describes a novel application of nanotechnologies to manufacture latest-generation bituminous binders.

Using the technology known as "High Internal Phase Ratio" (HIPR, high internal phase), you can get emulsions with average diameter less than one micron, hence we denominate them "nanoemulsions" since its particle size is measured more in nanometers in micrometers. The method allows to obtain bitumen emulsions "as" with particle size as fine as 200 nanometers.

The interest of the nanoemulsion is illustrated in various applications. Bitumen nanoemulsions allow to obtain emulsions without fluidizing primer with high penetrating power. Also, the nanoemulsion bitumen has a capacity greater than the conventional emulsion casing, thereby improving cold mixes such as cold recycling or bituminous grouts. Finally, the nanoemulsion additive can be used in a conventional emulsion, generating bimodal fluid emulsions with more than 80% bitumen.

KEYWORDS: Bitumen, Ligand, Bituminous emulsion, nanoemulsion, coats, Bituminous Grout, Recycling.

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