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The need to know the section of the firm when undertaking a booster

Deputy Director of GEOCISA

When strengthening a firm road is undertaken, often done without knowing which is the section of the firm to be strengthened. Although the Standard 6.3 IC indicates that this knowledge is necessary, prior to its reinforcement, many technical obviated this step and prefer to follow a more comfortable but less accurate way.

The obvious risk of not knowing the thickness of the section of the firm is leading to decisions we do not know if they are economically acceptable or, even, are on the side of security or insecurity, with regard to ensuring road bearing capacity suitable for a certain period of time.

The difference between knowing the section of the firm and not know it and do a little calculation analyzing the state of the firm and not, not only an improvement in the solution adopted but also an increase in knowledge, by the relevant technical, the how they behave firm, which always entail the adoption of better solutions.

Reinforcement Section, Firm, Flexible, Dimensioning, Conservation, Maintenance, model calculation.

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