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dynamic team auscultation automatic traffic signals using artificial vision

Miguel Angel Sotelo Vázquez
Professor, Department of Electronics
Polytechnic School. University of Alcalá

Luis Miguel Bergasa Pacual
Professor, Department of Electronics
Polytechnic School. University of Alcalá

Emiliano Moreno
3M Spain. Project coordinator

Fernando Sanchez Dominguez

Jose Maria Garcia Marquez

Guadalupe Benitez Mora
3M Spain

David Calavia Redondo

Consequently the convenience of complete set of equipment available to carry out the dynamic auscultation of road equipment, particularly road signs, early 2006, given the obvious technical necessity, begin at the University of Alcalá (UAH) research work to develop a system to assess the nighttime visibility of a traffic signal in dynamic mode. For the project, therefore, it was agreed to establish a "technical group collaboration" with different stakeholders; each renowned in their fields of action such as the University of Alcalá, Euroconsult, 3M and SafeControl.

The result of this collaboration is the team VISUALISE ( "VISUAL Inspection of Signs and panels"), a mounted on a vehicle capable of performing inspection tasks at conventional speeds dynamic team of auscultation. VISUALISE allows improving knowledge of the state in which signaling road networks, thus enabling the ability to plan actions (on the basis of decision making supported by sufficient data and quality) is, and thus sustained contribute to improving road safety.

vertical signs, auscultation, evaluation, dynamic auscultation, traffic sign, retroreflection.

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